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Academic Programs

International Programs (English-medium Programs):


College of Nursing


1. International Nursing PhD Program (extends deadline till April 30, 2017)


2. International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Science Program 


3. International Nursing Master of Science Program



College of Human Development and Health


4. International Montessori Master Degree Program  (extends deadline till April 30, 2017)



Professional Programs (Chinese-medium Program):


College of Nursing


1. School of Nursing  (PhD,MS, BS)


2. Department of Midwifery and Women Health Care  (MS, BS)


3. Graduate Institute of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing (MS)


4. Graduate Institute of Health Allied Education and E-Learning (MS, BS) 


5. Department of Gerontological Health Care (BS)




College of Health Technology


1. Department of Health Care Management (MS, BS)


2. Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion  (MS, BS)


3. Departmnet of Long-Term Care  (MS, BS)


4. Department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (MS, BS)


5. Department of Information Management  (MS, BS)



College of Human Development and Health


1. Department of Exercise and Health Science (MS, BS)


2. Department of Infant and Child Care (MS, BS)


3. Department of Thanatology and Health Counseling (MS, BS)


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