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  In 2000, the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science (NTUNHS) established the Research and Development Center; which was composed by three sub-divisions: the Planning Division, the Industry Cooperation Division, and International and Cross-Strait Education Center. To achieve NTUNHS’s vision of becoming Taiwan’s premier university in nursing and health sciences, the Office works to strengthen and enhance the planning of school development. It aims to achieve this through several methods:


   I. First, it deals with the internal planning of the short- to medium-term future direction of the school’s development.


 II. Second, it offers support to faculty and students in academic research and external subsidy applications.


III. Third, the Office fosters relationships with domestic and foreign academic institutions to improve NTUNHS’s standing in the international academic community so as to increase mutually beneficial and substantial collaborations.


  Through integrating resources, cooperative education, industry-academia collaboration, along with the industrial assistance provided by the Incubation Center, the Office facilitates inter- and intra-industry exchanges and improves NTUNHS’s competitive edge. In August of 2017, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the International and Cross-Strait Education Center, the Industry Cooperation Division, the Planning Division, the Center of Healthcare Industry-Academy Collaboration, and the Incubation Center under the Research and Development Center in the Charter of NTUNHS.