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Functions and Responsibilities

1. Planning Division

1) Overall responsibility for research, drafting, and compilation of the short- to medium term development of NTUNHS

2) Overall responsibility for the evaluation, analysis and compilation of school development

3) Promoting self-assessment amongst school administration

4) Overall responsibility for operations related to academic research

5) Promotion and support of NTUNHS academic research and oversight of publication rewards.

6) Overall responsibility for the research ethics review of projects.

7) Miscellaneous school affairs related to research and development (R&D).

2. Industry Cooperation Division

1) Overall responsibility for operations related to student internship.

2) Implementation of industry-academia collaboration in the public and private sectors, including contract negotiation/signing and work relating to institutional reforms.

3) Overall responsibility for industry-academia collaborations with the National Science Council and government-commissioned projects (including government bids outside already established framework).

4) Overall responsibility for the management of R&D results, patent applications, and technology transfer.

5) Promotion of faculty industry-academia collaboration, including the issuance of research grants to faculty in industry-academia collaboration projects.

6) Miscellaneous operations related to the promulgated policies or projects of the Department of Technological and Vocational Education (e.g., non-routine industry-academia collaboration and internship program).

7) Promotion, planning, and execution of technological collaboration and exchange of the healthcare industry.

8) Support of technological R&D and patent application in the healthcare industry.

9) Miscellaneous operations related to industry-academia collaboration.

3. International and Cross-Strait Education Center

1) Promotion and R&D of international and cross-strait exchange with academic institutions

2) Promotion and enhancement of international and cross-strait collaborative relationship with academic institutions.

3) Oversight of domestic and international exchange of faculty and students

4) Promotion of an international outlook in faculty and students.

5) Overseeing international collaborative courses.

6) Recruitment and counselling of foreign students.

7) Overseeing NTUNHS international and cross-strait collaboration projects.

8) Overseeing NTUNHS international visiting scholars’ subsidy.

9) Overseeing international and cross-strait collaboration projects.

10) Miscellaneous operations related to international and cross-strait academic exchange.

4. Incubation Center

1) Cultivation of startups and talent.

2) Provision of business cultivation and guidance.

3) Professional technological consultancy service.

4) Overseeing the application of industry-academia research and innovation.

5) Overseeing the utilization of government resources for industry coaching.

6) Organization of strategic alliance and inter- and intra-industry exchanges.

7) Organization of innovative startup courses, lectures, guidance, and exchanges.

8) Miscellaneous operations related to innovation incubation.

5. Center of Healthcare Industry-Academy Collaboration

1) Promotion of industry-academia operations through strategic alliances.

2) Integration of NTUNHS resources to improve personnel training & development and the results and applications of industry academia R&D.

3) Overseeing industry-academia matchmaking, intellectual property/technology transfer, and startup incubation.

4) Miscellaneous operations related to industry-academia operations.