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Campus Life



1.  Student Clubs

Extracurricular Activities

We don’t expect that our students are just bookworms.
Therefore, there are various school clubs you can participate in. Some of them are listed below:



Photography Club

If you want to catch the image and meaning of something in a twinkling, why not join the Photography Club? Here you can learn the functions of every kind of camera, the types and features of lens, how to develop photographs in a darkroom, as well as the theory and uses of a flashbulb. It also holds outdoor activities for members to practice their photographic skills under their teacher’s guidance. Therefore, the members can catch the beauty of things with camera and keep sweet memory in their mind. Moreover, the members have a good chance to cultivate their second specialty in the association. In addition, there are cameras and tripods for you to borrow here!



Art Society

Since it was built in 1991, Art Society has been one of the best associations in NTUNHS and earned several awards. It offers its members a variety of courses, such as still life painting or sketching, to learn how to create and by the way to share their works of art with others. The Association of Fine Arts is the only place where you can express the beauty of your spirit in your paintings.



Swimming Club

Our club is full of fun, easiness and energy as we are all passionate about swimming and sunshine. Let us enjoy the fun of swimming. We will teach you how to be a happy swimmer before you know how to swim. Also included are lots of aqua-events, swimming contests and outdoor programs. Colorful and wonderful club activities are what you don’t wan to miss in your student life, so come and join us in enjoying club activities.



Extreme Sport Club

Do you like sports? Do you like exciting sports? Do you love challenging your own limits? Extremes sports are IN. We have inline skating, rock climbing and pain guns among other programs to keep you in good shape physically and mentally. If you love challenging yourself, then com and join us!



Softball Club

Found in March 2005 out of love for softball and baseball games, we are here to offer softball fans a chance to be part of the game instead of just watching others play the game on TV. We deliver real experience.



Badminton Club



Taekwondo Club



Angel Club

Angel Club aims to develop more “Nightingale” who are passionate to serve people, in good manners, highly sociable, and full of self-confidence. We have comprehensive courses on gesture and cosmetic make-up, and emphasize inter-campus exchanges with other clubs of like nature to learn from each other. In so doing , we hope to help members become better leaders and better equipped with skills in planning and organizing events. If you are confident and enthusiastic to serve others, then join our club to make our lives and our University shine.



International Volunteer



2.  Health Center


  Health Center


   Introduction of Health Center

Health Service-We offer physical check-ups for students, emergency medical treatment, monitoring special students, and lending medical instruments. 

Health Activity-We hold activities such as first aid training, blood donations, and health promotions and also assists the several medical associated team.

Food Safety-We monitor the food sanitation standards and procedures and provides students with related food sanitation law. 

Medical Sanitation Administration-Sanitation Committee supervises the regular maintenance of medical equipment and infectious waste management.

Health Information-The Health Education Website provides the information of how to keep healthy along with disease prevention tips and displays links to related websites.

Infection Disease Prevention-

This section offers the latest information on infection diseases and is linked to related websites.





 1. Health Services





(1)Self-service diagnosis/treatment devices







◎ Self-service diagnosis/treatment room: located in Health Center and provides services for treatment of simple external injuries, monitoring body fat, measuring blood pressure, eye sight, body height and weight.







◎ Self-service diagnosis/treatment van: located in Lan-xin Dorm Hall and Hui-jhi Dorm Hall in the main campus and Women’s Dorm in Taiwan Downtown

Campus to offer treatment of simple external injuries.







◎ Simple first-aid kit: Located in Room B116 of General Services Section of Extension Education Office in Main Campus and Department office of Medical Management Department and Student Activity Center in Taipei Downtown Campus.







◎ Observation room: With two observation beds and one infrared mattress for rest in case of physical discomfort.







◎ Health Counseling Room: counseling services for groups and individuals.





◎ Nursing (milking)room:

(1)providing safe and comfortable environment and equipped with fridge.

(2)Health examination and re-examination for new students.

(3)Management and tracing of Type-B Hepatitis Cases.

(4)Annual X-Ray examination for students and teachers of this University.





Time and locations:

(1) Office hours:  The Main campus              Mon. to Fri. 08:30~17:00
                             The Ximen campus            Mon. 09:00~17:00
                            (National holiday off)







(2)Tel: 02-2822-7101Ext.2450, 2451, 2452







(3)Individual or Group Health Consulting or Education



Outpatient Clinic
Dental clinic
Dr. Chou ,
9:30 am-11:30 am
Tue. Thu.
Periodical examination
Tooth scaling
Tooth filling
Tooth extraction
Dental hygiene education
Mental health
Dr. Xu Wei-xung
2:00 pm-5:00 pm
Group discussions
Individual Consulting
Chinese medicine
Dr. Jhao
9:00 pm-12:00pm
The cupping
Health consultation
Professional Instructor
2:00 pm-5:00 pm
Wed. Thu.
For international students, they may call or walk in for sign up OPD appointment or ask the manager for assistant.


3. Self-service treatment equipment

 Self-service treatment room: provides services for treatment of simple external injuries, blood pressure measurement, vision examination, body composition checkup, BW/BL measurement.





4. Observation room: For disease or symptom observation.





5. Breast-feeding room: Providing safety and comfortable environment and freezer to preserve the breast milk.





6. Health emergency management





7. Freshmen admission physical Examination fallow up and Chronic Disease management.





8. Simple first-aid boxes: available to borrow.



 3. Campus Map and Buildings



Parking Lot
學生宿舍 - 蕙質樓
Sudents' Dormitory - Hui Chih Hall
Administration Building
Dining Hall
Science & Technology Building
Ming Lun Hall
Swimming Pool
Teaching Building
Volley-ball Court
Basketball Court
Motorcycle Parking Lot
Track and Field Stadium