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International Students Writing Consultation Application Guide

National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

International Students Writing Consultation Application Guide


I. Purpose:

NTUNHS provides current international students a free individual writing consultation program.

The purpose and focus of counseling are as follows:

1. The main purpose of counseling is to solve the difficulties encountered in the writing activities of the student and to assist in identifying appropriate learning directions and methods. Please keep in mind that NTUNHS Writing Consultation appointments are not designed to serve as proofreading sessions for your work. If counseling sessions are unable to solve your writing problems, we recommend attending appropriate writing courses.

2. To address varying writing levels of students, the consultant will adjust solutions to fit the problems and difficulties encountered in the various stages of learning in academic writing.

3. To provide an informal and relaxed learning environment for the student and consultant with face-to-face communication. During this process, the consultant will ask questions about your writing abilities and communicate with you to determine the most appropriate writing exercises and curriculum to match your needs.

4. Alumni or teacher must pay to apply for writing consultation appointments, based on the “Standardized Hourly Pay of Part-time Teacher at Public and Private Colleges and Universities”.


II. Advising Sessions:

NTUNHS writing consultation provides two types of English writing consultations: writing for academic publication and writing for academic purposes.

1. Writing for academic publication: journals, theses, dissertations, etc.

2. Writing for academic purposes: English class reports, project paper, etc.

Regarding the counseling for manuscripts intended for English journals, as well as thesis and dissertations, because of the syntax and choice of words in various fields, the main focus of the counseling sessions will be to help students master the basic structures of writing, such as through examining topic sentences, supporting arguments, and correcting the logic and sentence fluency of the writing. The writing consultant will provide different writing styles to help students understand the unique syntax of his/her own field in rhetorical features and writing issues in order to enhance the student’s self-learning ability.



III. Rules and Regulations:

The number of counseling sessions each student can utilize for each semester is as follows (please apply in accordance with the actual text content):
1. Theses and dissertations (6 times)
2. Journals (3 times)
3. Academic writing (12 times)

* Each student is limited to eight counseling periods per half year and limited to 6 academic publication writing consultation.


Each international student is limited to 3 consultation periods per month, and 1 consultation period per week (consultation appointments have to be scheduled one week in advance). On the day of counseling, you must be punctual; latecomers will not be given extended time. If you are 15 minutes late for your counseling session, the writing consultant will automatically cancel your appointment, and you will be temporarily suspended for a month. Consultation appointment must be made one week in advance (before 6:00pm on Thursday). Late application will not be accepted.

Writing format and application requirements:
(1) Pages: Maximum of 5 pages (excluding charts, 1.5-spaced typesetting)

(2) Tyesetting: WORD default margin, 1.5 line spacing, 12-point size

(3) Online writing consultation appointment sign-up



IV. Consultation Appointment Sign Up

Registration steps:

(1) Counseling form: Please go to Online Appointment Booking page of International and Cross-Strait Education Center to fill out-all required fields. After filling out the form, please contact the editing consultant by phone as soon as possible to arrange a time. Please do not send individual writing files without completing the previous steps.

Online Appointment Booking:

Alumni and teacher application: In order to avoid identification errors and delays, please do not choose "Grade" in the selection menu. Please write down “alumni application” in the “Focus Object” column.


(2) Alumni and teacher must complete payments first in order to schedule appointments. Please contact International Student Center for more information.

(3) Writings to be submitted: Counseling articles (PDF or Word file) need to be submitted through email or in person a week in advance to International Student Center before your appointment. If you are receiving counsel for academic writing (journal papers, thesis, etc.), other than your own writing samples, please provide the authors of Anglo-American journals or thesis (no greater than 10 years) in electronic file, so that the consultant can compare and contrast the writing.

(4) Cancellation: no later than three working days before the scheduled counseling appointment. If there was no valid reason for not attending the appointment or if you did not submit your writings prior to your appointment, you will be immediately suspended for a month.




V. NTUNHS International Students English writing Consultation Program Contact Information

Venue: 1F, B103 Office, International Student Center, Benevolence Building

TEL: 02-28227101 ext.3366  (Writing Consultant Ms. Stefani Pfeiffer)


Office Hour: 09:00~17:00 (Mon.-Fri.)